Sunday, December 16, 2007

Great editorial with lots of food for thought at the Santa Fe New Mexican website: 'Ingeniero,' be wary of water-drilling deal

Bonanza! Our water worries are over! All our desert state has to do is give a New York water company carte blanche to drill a bunch of wells west of Socorro, out on the San Agustín Plains past the radiotelescope array. Then we'll find ourselves with 54,000 acre-feet of water we didn't even know we had ...

Gee, that'd go a long way toward paying our interstate-stream debt to Texas. In turn, it would allow the alfalfa farmers of the Río Grande Valley to cash in their water rights with developers dying to sprawl Albuquerque from horizon to horizon. The Phoenix-Las Vegas-Los Angeles triangle of subdivisions would have nothing on us. And is anybody interested in buying beachfront lots at Jornada del Muerto Estates?

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