Wednesday, November 3, 2010

San Augustin Water Meeting Nov 9 -y'all come!

As you are hopefully aware, the Office of the State Engineer has scheduled a pre-hearing conference for the San Augustin water grab on November 9. The conference will be at 1:30 in the Macey Center on the campus of New Mexico Tech.

Carol Pittman is organizing carpools so IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DRIVE, let her know and send your phone number and location. IF YOU NEED A RIDE, let Carol know and send your phone number and location. She will put people together so that not everyone has to drive to Socorro. Email Carol at pittray @ [remove spaces in the email address!]

PLEASE ATTEND THIS MEETING, WHETHER YOU'VE BEEN INVOLVED WITH THIS ISSUE BEFORE OR NOT! It is important to have a good turnout. If we fill up the Macey Center the OSE will know that we are serious about this protest. It is in our best interests to show up!!

Directions to Macey Center. From California Street (the main drag in Socorro) take College Avenue (the street that runs by Smith's Grocery Store, with the store on your right) and go to the end. That will be Leroy. Turn right on Leroy then left on Bullock (into the campus) and proceed to Macey Center, number 29 on the map.

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