Monday, May 23, 2011

SAWC annual meeting 05/21/11

San Augustin Water Coalition Annual Meeting
Notes by Lif Strand [links have been added where they seemed useful]

Board Meeting:

Eileen Dodds (SAWC board member & treasurer):  This is SAWC’s  3rd year annual meeting.  Mission statement of SAWC:  To protect the water resources of the San Augustin and adjacent water basins, and the public welfare, and conservation of water associated with those water resources, now and in the future.

2010 was a year of concentrated activity on part of board members to spread word about water mining.  Several articles have a ppeared in local, regional papers, including the Albuquerque Journal, and on websites, such as the New Mexico Water Dialogue, current issue.

Anita Hand and Eileen Dodds were guests of Don Tripp last November.  They met with the Water and Natural Resources Committee to heighten their awareness of the water situation. 

The May 20, 2011 OSE meeting cancelled due to the retirement of Victor Kovach (hearing officer).  We will now have to start over with a new hearing officer.  SAWC will keep all informed; please make sure SAWC has your email addresses.

Carol Pittman found a grant, applied and SAWC was awarded $5,000 to produce a brochure.  The funds covered the layout and printing of 10,000 copies.  The brochure will be distributed state-wide.

Goals for 2012 include possible drafting legislation requests to the Water & Natural Resource Committee.  SAWC also wants to encourage Catron County Commission to continue its vigilance. 

Current board:  Ruth Guin (chair), Roy Farr, Nicole Sanders, Eileen Dodds, Anita Hand, Linn Kennedy & Carol Pittman.

Election of 4 to board:  Two vacancies, plus Eileen & Anita’s positions.  Responsibilities – manages business & affairs of SAWC. 
  • Anita Hand’s position:  Reelected
  • Eileen Dodd’s position (including treasurer job):  Reelected
  • Two new positions increased to three, since SAWC bylaws allow for twelve.  Elected:  Dennis Inman, Don Wiltshire and Charlene Wagner

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