Saturday, December 1, 2012

Augustin Plains Ranch: THEY'RE BACK!

Lif Strand

Just when you thought we'd won... Augustin Plains Ranch is starting their next round.  They've learned a lot from their first venture - we protesters have shown them exactly what we've got, and now they've tuned up their attack and they're coming at the water again.

This time they're going to come at us as "friends".

There's a flyer going around announcing a Town Hall Meeting (see image below) - called for by the LLC.  Don't you find it a little insulting?  To me it is incredibly patronizing for them to be playing the local card, telling us that the water could be used for drought relief (not for us, of course, and most certainly not out of any kind of generosity and helpfulness since they'd be taking public property and selling it for a BIG profit).

Personally, I find it incredibly insulting to have a business PR meeting and label it "Town Hall Meeting", since such meetings are an honored American tradition where community members gather to discuss issues and concerns among themselves.  Since when is Augustin Plains Ranch LLC part of our community?  Do you really think they are interested in our concerns except to learn what to aim their weapons at?

This meeting is to "update the project status, answer your questions and take your comments".   They were denied their water grab application with the OSE and they lost their court appeal of it.  But that doesn't bother them at all - they've STILL got a project and they're coming at us again.

And they're coming with lots and lots of money that will buy lots and lots of power - power we've only seen the tiniest bit of so far. Personally, I would say about a thousand people should show up at this meeting and refuse to say anything but the word NO.

Let me just add this:  If you were worried before, you should be scared spitless now.  

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