Monday, December 3, 2012

Text of Augustin Plains Ranch flyer

Here is the text of the Augustin Plains Ranch flyer.  If anyone has a better image than I was sent, please email it to me, or post the text I can't read in the comments section below.  Thanks.

text here I can't read

Augustin Plains Ranch


Augustin Plains Ranch, the water project,
will hold a Town Hall Meeting in Magdalena -
to update the project status, answer your 
questions and take your comments.

6:00 - 8:00 PM
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Magdalena Senior Center
500 9th Street - Magdalena

Augustin Plains Ranch has put forward a proposal for a water
project to withdraw 54,000 acre-feet per year from under the
Augustin Plains, transport it to Socorro by pipeline, then north 
to the Albuquerque area.  The project could provide water for 
drought relief to the state while protecting existing water rights 
and providing benefits for Catron and Socorro Counties

For more information call xxx-xxxx [and more text I can't read]


e said...

i was the one who described public-private partnerships as fascism in the article above.

Public-Private Partnerships – when private industry provides public services for profit. The original taxes for the services remain in place, but a duplicative “service for FEE” structure is added. It is FASCISM, and it should NOT be considered as a solution to the State’s budget woes. It promotes monopolies and destroys small business. If the stakeholder is not a shareholder, he has no voice.

Augustin Plains Ranch (public-private partnership)

i believe the real reason for the denied application is that this project is structured as a public-private partnership and the laws necessary to make the project legal and viable are still being written ... water is publicly owned ... and to grant the right to 54,000 acre feet of water per year to one ranch owner so that he can then pump it to the albuquerque area and sell it at a profit requires some fancy language ... (every other rancher is entitled to 3 acre feet per year) ... (one acre foot ~ 326,000 gallons).

i encourage you to follow the link above and read the entire post.

e said...

pt2 san augustin plains (endangered cultural property)

e said...

pt3 Augustin Plains Ranch (Interstate Stream Commission)

e: ... the proposed Augustin Plains Ranch LLC water project is probably intended for "beneficial use" in TEXAS not New Mexico ... with the water pumped directly into the Rio Grande to satisfy the Rio Grande Compact ... and the water buyer being the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission ... NOT Rio Rancho or the Albuquerque area.

... one possible defense is an interbasin transfers prohibition ... and keep an eye on Rep. Nate Gentry (APR supporter).